Celebrate 23 million downloads!
Let's test your strength rating!


Tower of Saviors has marked the milestone of 23 million downloads. Thank you, Summoners, for your continuous support!

Practice makes perfect.

Do you train your Monsters as hard as you can? Do you wonder how strong you are compared with your friends?

Share your own strength rating to Facebook and set it as "Public" or "Friends" . Then you will get 5 Diamonds and 2 Sliver Madhead.


Now, prove yourself!

Event Period:

18 Oct - 28 Oct 2018


Reward Distribution Date:

The reward will be sent on 30 Oct

Summoner can login to redeem it in "Community" → "Rewards" on that day


You can find your UID in the top right-hand corner of the Starting Page

Your current Verification code:

You can find your Event Verification Code in the top right-hand corner of the Starting Page
(Click here to check the location of UID and Verification Code)

Terms & Conditions:

1. Each UID of Tower of Saviors can participate the event and obtain the reward once.

2. This event webpage is only applicable to players whose accounts have reached level 10 or above and logged into the game during the last 10 days in English version.

3. madhead (the “Organizer”) shall not be held liable to any human errors, including but not limited to entering incorrect UID. No compensation shall be made.

4. The Organizer reserves the right to make final decision for any disputes in this event (including but not limited to reward distribution).