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My 2015 Hidden Achievement

Summoners, are you curious to know what hidden achievement you will achieve in the year of the goat?

Simply sign in this page and follow the instructions below to participate in『My 2015 Hidden Achievement』event, Let's find your hidden achievement in this year!

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Event Period & Rewards

Event period:
Feb 17 (Tue) 13:00, UTC+08 - Feb 26 (Thur) 23:59, UTC+08

Rewards: 5 diamonds (Only applies to Summoners signed in at "TOS Player Login")

Reward distribution:

Rewards will be distributed to TOS UIDs provided by Summoners on Mar 2 (Mon), the rewards could be found in "Community" --> "Rewards". Please login during Mar 2 (Mon) 00:00 - Mar 15 (Sun) 23:59 to collect your rewards.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:
1. Each TOS UID can re-log on to this event site to generate picture. Each TOS UID will receive the rewards ONCE only.
2. All Summoners of Tower of Saviors (English version) players who have reached Level 10 or above and have logged in in the last 10 days are eligible for the event.
3. madhead is not responsible for any man-made mistakes including submission of wrong UIDs. No compensations will be made for any man-made mistakes.
4. The purpose of this event is to encourage creativity, if any person violate this event page such as (defamatory, obscene, threatening or abusive to others, etc.), the organizer accepts no responsibility for, and reserves the right to remove its eligibility to participate without notice. All artworks and other property in this event shall be owned by the organizer of the event, all rights reserved.
5. By joining the event, you agree to our Privacy Policy 【http://www.towerofsaviors.com/privacypolicy.html
6. In case of any disputes (including rewards distribution), Mad Head Limited reserves the right of final decision.